sE Electronics RF-X unboxing

Here is a short video on sE Electronics RF-X unboxing. Video Credit: AoCheng Su

The SE Electronics Reflexion Filter is a must have for any VO recording or Vocal recording sessions.
Had used it on countless occasions, either in professional vocal boothes / live rooms / or in less than ideal rooms for example recording at home etc.
It's great if you really want to get that intimate close sound and eliminate as much of the room reflections as possible. The Reflexion Filter positioned behind the mic reduces the voice sound source from entering the room, and rejects any incoming reflections from the room into the mic. With the actual body / head of the person the other side of the mic having the same affect that side, you're effectively isolating the mic in the ideal location to get optimum performance.

The other advantage is it expands your choice of mic. Especially when using a highly detailed and sensitive large diaphragm condenser mic, the Reflexion Filter allows the mic to focus in on those details of the actual sound source, increasing your acoustical signal to noise ratio and allowing you to use such a mic where you may not have been able to without.

You can also use it recording anything instrumental to increase isolation if you're recording more than one thing in a room at once. For example, if you're tracking guitars and drums in the same room maybe you could use the Reflexion Filter on the cab mic to reduce cymbal spill... the possibilities are endless. The SE Electronics Reflexion Filter is just a great tool to have to hand, with a high build quality to last the test of time.

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