sE Electronics Dynacaster (NEW)

The all-in-one compact system with game-changing V SERIES capsule technology, now turbo-charged with DYNAMITE. Built like a Tank. All-Metal. Vastly Compatible. The DynaCaster: galactic performance with down to earth prices.

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sE Electronics (NEW)

BL8 Cardioid Boundary Microphone.
Looking for an all-purpose boundary microphone?
Musicians and studio engineers know that boundary microphones are commonly put to work as alternative room mics and kick mics.

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-Compact and reliable
-All-analog units housed in rugged aluminum
that last a lifetime
-Test for every possible problem in cables and snakes
-Instant LED display shows whether it’s the line or the mic

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SSL UF8 Controller

Expandable: connect up to 4 UF8s to create a 32-channel DAW controller
8 motorized, touch-sensitive faders
Pro Tools communication via HUI; Logic,
Cubase, Studio One, and Live communication
via MCU

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Audient EVO SP8 (NEW)

With SP8’s eight mic/line inputs, eight line outputs and 2 x ADAT I/O connections, this 8 channel smart mic preamp provides enough I/O to tackle multi-mic sessions like recording drums or even a full band.

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Unika Pro Audio (NEW)

PRO DI boxes ranging from Active & Passive, ISO and Multi Media Purpose use.

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Affordable Studio Monitors

Monkey Banana Gibbon 5 is anactive near field monitor for the ambitious home studio or for editing suites in broadcasting studios. With this digital bi-amp-powered loudspeaker, you achieve perfect mixes in small scale monitoring environments.


Blackmagic Mini Converters are the world’s most advanced converters because they include the latest 6G-SDItechnology, automatically detect the input video format.


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