sE Electronics

The RNT Premium Multi-Pattern Tube Condenser
A new flagship tube microphone delivering the pristine, musical sonic character & uncompromising performance of the world's most prized recording equipment.

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Saramonic Lavailer

Smart Microphones with multiple connections.

Introducing RF Venue Antennas

Wide ranges, coverage, flexibility. Check them out.

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Radial Engineering

Direct boxes provide an interface that connects instruments and playback devices to pro audio devices such as PA systems, mixing consoles, or recording interfaces.

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Portable speaker, lightweight, rechargeable battery for operation usage.

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Audient ID4

2in/2out Audio Interface
Plug and Play
Harmonically rich JFET D.I input.

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sE Electronics V7 Dynamic MicrophonesE Electronics V7 Dynamic Microphone
sE Electronics X1s Vocal PacksE Electronics X1s Vocal Pack
sE Electronics X1 S Studio BundlesE Electronics X1 S Studio Bundle
sE Electronics RNTsE Electronics RNT
sE Electronics Harp Blaster HB52sE Electronics Harp Blaster HB52
sE Electronics Dual Pop Screen
sE Electronics Metal Pop Filter
sE Electronics VR2 Ribbon MicrophonesE Electronics VR2 Ribbon Microphone
sE Electronics VR1 Ribbon MicrophonesE Electronics VR1 Ribbon Microphone
sE Electronics DM1 (In-Line Amplifier)sE Electronics DM1 (In-Line Amplifier)
sE Electronics V7 Dynamic Microphone ChromesE Electronics V7 Dynamic Microphone Chrome

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