DPA Gooseneck Microphone with 4097 Supercardioid Capsule - 120 inch



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DPA d:sign 4097 CORE Supercardioid Choir Mic delivers natural-sounding results with minimum effort. Robust SPL handing safeguards against extra-loud vocalists, while three built-in shockmounts minimize unwanted bumps and rumbles. The 4097 retains a source’s tone off axis, so you can mic an entire choir with a small number of microphones. It’s built for the stage, with rock-solid construction and a swivel joint and gooseneck that offer quick, easy fine-tuning. It’s also wireless-ready — just add a transmitter and you’re ready to go. The 4097 is near-invisible onstage — even under bright lights — thanks to its non-reflective black matte surface. The d:sign 4097 CORE is choir miking made easy!

The d:sign 4097 CORE boasts a supercardioid polar pattern, along with low self-noise and high sensitivity. Its built-in shockmount minimizes unwanted bumps and rumbles, while its linear response, low distortion, and ample dynamic range ensure natural-sounding audio reproduction. Its impressive SPL handling can withstand the full onslaught of an over-eager vocalist with zero distortion. Most impressive, however, is its uniform off-axis response, which retains every ounce of a source’s tone — it just lowers its volume. At Sweetwater, we’ve found that pointing the 4097 at the last row of vocalists in a choir produces a natural balance between the nearest and furthest singers. This allows you to capture an entire choir with a small number of microphones.

The DPA d:sign 4097 CORE was built for real-world use. Its unobtrusive base boasts an integrated shockmount, which stabilizes the mic’s entire structure. The vertical pole that attaches to the base consists of three adjustable pieces that determine the mic’s height. This pole is rock-solid once it’s positioned, and fine-tuning is quick and easy — no tools required. The 4097’s active boom pole attaches to the vertical pole via a swivel joint, which like the capsule and base, includes a built-in shockmount. The mic capsule is set at the correct angle right out of the box, so you can easily position it to sit above a choir at a 90° angle. That said, if you need to tweak the mic’s positioning further, you’ll find that the swivel joint and gooseneck make doing it an easy job.

Integrating the d:sign 4097 CORE into your wireless rig is a piece of cake. A female MicroDot connector attaches to an internal cable that runs from the end of the 4097’s active boom pole to its base. An adapter holder at the base stores either a standard MicroDot to XLR adapter (included) or a wireless transmitter (sold separately). Miking up a choir has never been easier. And when you go wireless, the 4097’s unobtrusive footprint gives it a super-clean look!

  • Boasts a supercardioid polar pattern, low self-noise, and high sensitivity
  • Linear response, low distortion, and ample dynamic range ensure natural-sounding audio reproduction
  • 135db max SPL can withstand the full onslaught of an over-eager vocalist without distortion
  • 3 built-in shockmounts minimize unwanted bumps and rumbles
  • Uniform off-axis response retains a source’s tone, but with lower volume
  • Unobtrusive base stabilizes the mic’s entire structure
  • Vertical pole is rock-solid once positioned and offers quick, easy fine-tuning
  • Mic capsule is set at a 90° angle right out of the box for easy positioning
  • Swivel joint and gooseneck make further positioning effortless
  • Wireless-ready — just add a transmitter (sold separately)
  • Non-reflective black matte surface is near-invisible onstage

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