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The sE Electronics DM3 Dynamite is an active inline direct box, the DM3 plugs directly into any audio interface, mixer, or stagebox that has a standard XLR input. Given sE Electronics’ ultra-clear Dynamite technology is on full display, silent operation and amazing sound are ensured every time you use it. The DM3 comes with a locking, ultra-high impedance instrument input and Class-A output buffer to safeguard your signal from degradation, noise, and accidental disconnections. It has a massive amount of headroom and both -15dB and -30dB pads to prevent signal overload. And with its compact, all-metal chassis, the DM3 won’t take up tons of valuable space in your music-making setup. The sE Electronics DM3 Dynamite produces stunning results on guitar, bass, keyboard, drum machines, and anything else you plug into it.

For direct boxes, audio quality is paramount. And with the DM3 Dynamite’s ultra-high Z instrument input, you’ll bask in the glory of clean, accurate audio. The input’s impedance measures in at a massive 10 megaohms, safeguarding your tone against degradation. This active inline DI easily handles loud sources such as power amplifiers, thanks to the inclusion of switchable -15dB and -30dB pads. With the DM3 direct box, you’ll enjoy maximum clarity on any source, from low-output pickups to searing signals out of a power amp.

  • Active inline direct box
  • Ultra-high Z input preserves the character of your instrument
  • Easily handles powerful signals up to 10,000W
  • Selectable -15dB and -30dB pads handle hot sources with ease
  • 3-stage ground lift switch decimates hum, ground loops, and RF interference
  • Locking 1/4-inch input jack prevents unwanted disconnections
  • Compact metal chassis handles use and abuse while saving valuable space

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