ADAM Audio A44H 4-inch Powered Studio Monitor (pc)



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Adam Audio’s A44H takes design cues from the A Series A7V and packages them into a low-profile horizontally-oriented studio monitor. This 3-way powered monitor comes loaded with two 4-inch, long-throw woofers with plenty of punch and clarity to spare. Users will enjoy crisp, dynamic high-end, courtesy of the upgraded X-ART accelerated-ribbon tweeter. The A44H’s cabinet measures 19 inches in width, allowing it to be used on a standard rack shelf or be mounted above or below a display. With its extended frequency response, wide dynamic range, and broad sweet spot, A44H is an outstanding candidate for stereo setups and immersive systems alike!

The A44H studio monitor comes loaded with a pair of 4-inch MLM low-frequency drivers. These long-throw woofers are designed to deliver a tight and coherent sound throughout the monitor’s broad sweet spot. This makes the A44H a great candidate as a center speaker for immersive or 3D audio rigs. If you need a monitor with tight and punchy projection, you can’t go wrong with an Adam Audio A44H.

Adam Audio changed the game with their revolutionary ribbon tweeter design. The A44H comes loaded with an upgraded X-ART accelerated-ribbon HF driver. It features refined geometry and premium materials that take its sound to the next level. When you fire up your A44H’s, you’ll enjoy an ultra-wide frequency range with greater efficiency and headroom than ever before. Once you hear it, you’ll understand what all the hype is about.

  • 3-way powered studio monitor
  • Horizontal orientation allows for flexible mounting options
  • Dual woofer design creates an impactful sound with broad dispersion
  • X-ART tweeter unlocks clean and clear high-end
  • DSP-based tuning and Sonorworks SoundID Reference plug-in (sold separately) lets you dial in the perfect sound for your room
  • 96kHz internal sampling rate keeps your audio pristine
  • 24-bit AD converter offers accurate conversion
  • Includes balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs

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