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Need a durable in-ear monitor system with easy setup that won’t break the bank? The ATW-3255 In-ear Monitor System from Audio-Technica delivers quality sound at an exceptional price. Designed for live performance venues, houses of worship, and theaters, the ATW-3255 System includes a wireless receiver, a wireless transmitter, and one pair of in-ear monitor headphones. The system delivers exceptional stage-quality sound with many backend features designed to fight RF interference, even in dense RF environments.

The powerful body pack receiver features an OLED screen for viewing settings and a heavy-duty but low-profile body clip for securing the pack to your person. The body pack accepts AA batteries with an estimated life of 7 hours per charge/set. It also includes an antenna that boosts RF stability and a high-quality headphone amp for enhanced audio clarity.

This renowned pair of monitor headphones delivers clear live sound playback with enhanced bass and balance across the frequency spectrum. Additional internal dual phase push-pull drivers create incredibly well defined and isolated monitoring audio for such a small headset. This set also features a detachable cable for easy storage, flexible memory cable loops that develop a customized fit with wear, a carrying case, and four pairs of silicon ear tips (spanning extra-small to large).

This ultra-low-profile transmitter features a rackmount design for easy integration, even in tight control booths and monitoring stations. A front-facing OLED screen keeps monitoring your settings straightforward without excess knobs or switches to clutter your view. The transmitter’s rear panel features balanced XLR inputs, loop outputs, and a network port for lots of flexibility. There’s also a built-in 3000Link mode, and since this system shares many design elements with the 3000 Series UHF Wireless Mic System, you can use the transmitter with other 3000 Series devices.

  • Wireless 3000 Series in-ear monitor system
  • Includes wireless receiver with body clip, dual-ear headphones, and transmitter
  • High sound quality and stable RF; great for concert halls, houses of worship, and more
  • Stereo or mono operation with pan/personal mix controls
  • EQ, limiter, gain control and balance controls for audio to taste
  • Receiver has an approximately 7 hours of battery life per charge (batteries and charging station sold separately)
  • Built-in receiver headphone amp for exceptional sound quality
  • OLED screens on receiver and transmitter for viewing settings and alerts
  • Transmitter features balanced XLR inputs, loop output, and network port
  • 3000Link mode for use with other 3000 Series Wireless items
  • Channel plan option for configuring all network-connected transmitters via an RF scan from a single receiver
  • Wireless Manager-ready for remote monitor and control


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