dB Technologies ES1203 Columm Loudspeaker

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The dBTechnologies ES1203 is an active stereo speaker system with a compact design. Whether as DJ and entertainment applications, fitness and sports or band applications, the ES1203 offers maximum flexibility and scalability in any location.

The dBTechnologies ES1203 can be used as a classic stereo system with one subwoofer and two satellites thanks to the integrated 3-channel digital power amplifier with 2400 watts of power. Thanks to the mechanical connections between the two satellites, the system can also be used as a powerful mono system
, and the extensive input section on the rear of the subwoofer is unique in this class
Thanks to the high-resolution OLED display, operation of the system is child's play.

Built in is a 3-channel mixer plus a Bluetooth® receiver for audio streaming.

For other sources such as keyboards, vocals or other instruments, 3 additional mic/line inputs are available, including a digital mixing section.

On the subwoofer of the dBTechnologies ES1203 system you have a lot of adjustment possibilities due to the built-in OLED display. Preconfigured acoustic presets for stereo, mono and dual-mono operation can be selected. The ES1203 system is equipped with active peak & RMS limiters and a thermal protection circuit to ensure that the system continues to run at the power limit.

The amplifier is the latest generation of the specially developed Digipro digital stage and has a total power of 2400W. The digital stage does not require an external fan, which guarantees a long service life and operational reliability.

The system is powered by a 12" woofer and 4x4" tops which can be operated in stereo or mono.

Features Sub:

  • Digipro G3 Digitalamp with 2400 W/PRG
  • OLED display plus rotary press encoder
  • 3 x mic line input with XLR/jack combo jack
  • Bluetooth® stereo receiver for audio streaming
  • Presets for Stereo, Mono and Dual-Mono Setup
  • Digital 4 channel mixing section
  • Mini-USB connection for service and updates
  • XLR output for mix or aux output
  • Speakon connector for Mid-High Top
  • 2x12" woofer
  • bass-reflex design
  • 15mm multiplex wooden cabinet
  • Two handles, M20 thread

Features Top:

  • 4 x 4" Neodymium full range speaker
  • Phase plugs and mechanical arrangement optimise acoustic properties
  • Plastic housing incl. 36mm tripod mount

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