JOCAVI Acoustic Panels Absorbent Acoustic Foam Kick Pad Kit

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To tune and get good sound out of a bass drum can be a hard task. This instrument, which is an essential base for drum kits, needs to be treated once in a while. The kick pad was created to absorb unwanted harmonics which are out of tune with the bass drum note, thus making the beat clearer and more defined. This accessory has small markings in order for the musician to highlight small slices and adjust loudness as he/she pleases. It can be used with all sizes of bass drums. ATP punch Master is provided together with the kick pad. This accessory allows full control of the bass drum HEAD'S vibration, accentuating its punch and deepness at every beat. Its Ultra light material helps protect against tearing from cables or the microphone tripod. The kick pad is cut along the curvature of the bass drum which prevents the foam cells from being closed, thus resulting in better absorption. This is a tool to be used either live or in the studio and is very useful for both the musician and the sound engineer.

  • Kick pad absorbs unwanted harmonics which are out of tune with the bass drum note. Kit Includes: kick pad size: 33" x 22" x 2.75" and punch master size: 5
  • Absorbent for the bass drum, manufactured with acoustic foam - Self-extinguishable M1 fire-retardant foam. Fire resistance: Germany B1, France M1, GB Class 1, USA V0/HF1
  • Professional quality: effectively reduces unwanted resonance to use during live performances or in a studio setting. Your beat will be clearer and more defined
  • Fits all bass drums ranging between 18” and 24” deep
  • Installation: to be placed inside the bass drum. Made in Portugal

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