Midas PRO1-IP 40-channel Digital Mixer with DL153 Stagebox (Used item)(SOLD)

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The MIDAS PRO1 is an innovative live digital mixer that packs tons of functionality into its compact, lightweight, and roadworthy aluminium frame. The PRO1 is effortless to configure and operate, with a full-color 15" display screen that's easy to view in daylight. If you're already a MIDAS user, you can even load your existing showfile straight into the PRO1 - no matter which MIDAS digital board it was created on - and continue your session. With its outstanding sample-synchronous audio quality, superior ergonomics, and intuitive workflow, you'll savor working on the MIDAS PRO1.

 The Midas DL153 gives you renowned Midas sonics in a cost-effective, 2U rackmount chassis. With 16 premium Midas mic pres, eight active-balanced low-impedance line-level outputs, and dual redundant AES50 networking ports, the DL153 is the perfect partner for your PRO 1 or PRO 2 digital console. You can program all your config settings from the console, or from the DL153's intuitive front panel, with LED indicators providing feedback at a glance. All primary connections use high quality Neutrik balanced XLR connectors. If you need to increase your network capacity, call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer to learn more about Midas DL150 series I/O.

Package System: 

  1. Midas PRO1 with case x 1 
  2. Midas DL153 Stagebox with case and patch panels x 2 \

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