Radial Engineering BT-Pro V2 Bluetooth Direct Box


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The Radial BT-Pro V2 Active Direct Box is a seriously flexible piece of equipment. Each unit has a unique identification number, which allows you to have multiple BT Pro V2 units in use at the same time. For example, a presenter can play sound effects during their slide show in one room while another streams audio from an interview in another. All you need to do is label each box with the correct identifier to ensure users connect to the correct DI box.

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  • Active direct box for seamless Bluetooth streaming
  • Balanced stereo outputs plug right into your PA or mixer
  • Bluetooth 5.0 protocol delivers premium audio quality
  • Unique identification number allows multiple units to be in use at once
  • Mono switch folds your audio for narration playback
  • Ground-lift switch eliminates noise caused by ground loops
  • Up to 110' wireless reception range under ideal conditions
  • Powered via 48V phantom power or external power supply

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