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Built to make your content creation an effortless experience, the DynaCaster DCM6 from sE Electronics is a sleek and elegantly designed active dynamic microphone with a unidirectional, cardioid pickup pattern for eliminating unwanted ambient noises, and a clean onboard preamp that delivers +30 dB of transparent gain. The DCM6 sports a durable metal grille along with a convenient internal pop filter, for eliminating pesky plosives, and an internal shockmount, for avoiding rumbling and handling sounds, allowing your microphone to remain flush without any external obstructions to your camera view. 

The DMC6 is housed in a corrosion-free, dent-proof metal housing that will stand up to years of intense use, and it includes a versatile stand adapter with a wide swivel range, tested for use on nearly all types of mic booms and stands. With a custom-developed capsule and frequency response designed to deliver smooth, natural sound on any voice, the DynaCaster DCM6 will enhance the quality of your content and can also serve well as a home studio or live instrument microphone.

The DCM6 is specifically designed to provide smooth, crystal clear vocal tone while avoiding unwanted room sounds and noises to the sides and behind the microphone.

  • Front-address, active/passive dynamic capsule can be pointed directly at sound sources
  • Cardioid pickup pattern rejects room noise, like computer fans or keyboard tapping, so you can focus on your voice
  • Powerful neodymium magnet and durable copper voice coil
  • 40 Hz to 18 kHz frequency response, ideal for human voice

The red push button on the back of the microphone controls the internal DYNAMITE preamp. If the switch is pressed in, the DynaCasters internal DYNAMITE preamp is active and provides +30 dB of additional gain, which is ideal for speech and softer sources.

Please note that this requires +48V phantom power. If the switch is out, the internal DYNAMTE preamp is deactivated and functions as a completely passive microphone, not requiring any external or phantom power.

While the DCM6 was made with the human voice in mind, it, like many dynamic vocal microphones, can also serve very well as an instrument mic. The frequency response makes it ideal for instruments such as snare drums, tom drums, or electric guitar cabs, and the durable metal housing provides excellent protection for any live or studio usage scenarios.

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