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The Sound Bullet is the original rechargeable pocket-size I-O audio tester. A powerful troubleshooting tool that is robust, reliable and portable.

The Sound Bullet is a pocket sized audio signal and wiring verification device designed to help your workflow.
Generates pink noise or a 1kHz tone routed by default to the male XLR. The generator can be routed to the 1/4in to test DI boxes. Output can be adjusted to three levels -10, -20 and -40 dBu.
Use the generator and P48-test to carry out an input patch-check before sound checks or for verifying patch after quick stage change-overs. The Sound Bullet has been expertly designed to test the XLR line for full functionality.
Internal Speaker and 3.5mm Jack
Audio signals plugged into the female XLR or the 1/4in Jack connector are amplified and reproduced by the internal speaker or alternatively plug your headphones into the 3.5mm Jack output (adjust the volume by turning the knob).
Test VT Audio Lines
Outputting the signal generator to the 3.5mm Mini-Jack port will allow you to test VT audio lines for conferences. Test Mini-Jack lines for theatre shows before production arrives on site.
Test DI Boxes
The 1/4in Jack acts as an input and an output. The Jack adaptor provided will allow you to connect the Sound Bullet straight to DI Boxes, guitar/bass/ keyboard amplifiers without needing any extra patch cables.
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