SoundTools CAT Tails (Audio Over CAT5 Breackout Snake) MX&FX



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Eliminate the need for extra cables with SoundTools CAT Tails, our easy-to-use audio-over-cat5 breakout cable.

  • Plugs directly into analog or digital consoles
  • Compatible with 48-volt phantom power
  • Available in male or female XLR or DMX configurations
  • Four 24” AES3 grade cables and one etherCON RJ45 connector

Efficiently run multiple audio or COM formats down a single Cat cable with the SoundTools CAT tails XLR or DMX to CAT breakout snake. Available in 3-pin or 5-pin male and female configurations, CAT Tails can be plugged directly into consoles or stage boxes to allow transmission of up to four lines of audio or AES3 down a shielded Cat cable.

Simplify your stage set up with SoundTools CAT Tails and run one slim Cat5e cable instead of 4 bulky XLR or DMX cables. CAT Tails are all-black, all-analog units with clear, laser-etched numbers 1-4 on each tail.

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