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The ARA dual-mode USB microphone from AKG is a versatile mic that captures a variety of audio sources from the comfort of your desktop in two convenient ways. Its dual-pickup configuration lets you focus your recording on a single voice or instrument with the directional front (cardioid) pattern; or it gives you the option pick up audio from around the room using the front and back (omni) pattern. 

Consider the ARA a user-friendly USB mic — it's perfect for podcasters, bloggers, gamers, singers, and musicians alike. Whether it's just you, or you're picking up multiple sources, ARA's 24 bit 96kHz resolution ensures crystal-clear audio captures every time the red button is on. You'll feel comfortable setting up ARA anywhere, given the included integrated base stand, the ability to attach it to a desktop boom arm, or even when placing it on a mic stand. When on the go, you can also take an OTG adapter or Apple Camera Adapter and capture pristine audio, thanks to its class-compliant drivers and USB connectivity with an included 2m USSB-C to USB-A cable.

Aside from its convenient audio capturing modes, the ARA boasts a user-friendly design and a handful of helpful features. ARA's intuitive plug-in-and-play setup makes it a breeze to use, while its compatibility with Mac and PC computers, as well as IOS and Android tablets and phones, creates an added convenience for recording wherever you need to. ARA includes headphone output and volume control, along with zero latency monitoring while tracking, giving you full control over output volume, mic gain, and mute. Additionally, the Ableton Live 11 Lite audio production software is included with ARA, letting you edit your audio tracks after the fact.

  • High-quality sound capturing through 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution audio
  • 2 audio capture modes (cardioid and omni) allow for single voice recording or cross-room recording of multiple voices
  • Great microphone for recording podcasts, game streams, vocals, and instruments
  • Easy setup/compatibility with Mac, PC, IOS, and Android devices
  • Zero latency monitoring while tracking; full control over headphone volume output, mic gain, and mute
  • Versatile mounting options for use with the integrated base stand, desktop boom arm, or a mic stand
  • Modern design with on-screen appeal for podcasts/streaming
  • Includes Ableton Live 11 Lite audio production software
  • 2m USB-C to USB-A cable for easy connection to nearly any USB source
  • 3/8-inch x 5/8-inch threaded mic stand adapter included

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