Allen & Heath GX4816 48x16 Portable GX Expander with DX Sockets


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Onstage or at the board, if you need more high-quality I/O for your Allen & Heath dLive or SQ mixing console, then you have to check out the GX4816. This networkable audio expander adds 48 inputs with professional-grade microphone preamps and 16 XLR line outputs to your system, all simultaneously available at 96kHz resolution.If you really need to flesh out your I/O, then the G4816 is the perfect place to start. It features two DX expansion ports, so you can connect up to 32 x 16 more channels of top-notch digital I/O to your Allen & Heath mixing console.

Digital expansion made easy

Don't you love it when you just plug something in and it works — no mess, no hassle, just hook it up and go? That's what the GX4816 offers you. As a part of your modular dLive or SQ mixer system, this I/O expander lets you get exactly the connections you need, all via sturdy locking EtherCon ports and standard Cat 5e cables. SQ systems can handle a pair of GX4816s, C Class dLive systems can take three, and you can connect five of them to an S Class rig. Add a DX32 or two DX168 or DX164-W expanders, and you can really rack up the channel count.

Allen & Heath GX4816 Audio Expander Features

  • A 5U, 48-input/16-output, 96kHz digital I/O expansion for A&H dLive and SQ mixing consoles
  • Each input features a remote-controllable microphone preamp with individual phantom power LEDs
  • Two DX expansion ports let you hook up 1 DX32 or up to 2 DX168/ DX164-W expanders
  • Connect up to 2 GX4816s to an SQ system, 3 to a dLive C Class system, or 5 to a dLive S Class system
  • Plug-and-play connection via standard Cat 5e cables (EtherCon ports) with automatic IP addressing

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