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The Discrete 4 Synergy Core from Antelope is a four-channel audio interface with onboard DSP and FPGA to free up valuable CPU from your computer during mix sessions. It also includes 36 FPGA-powered effects, some of which can be used with Antelope modeling microphones, giving you the sound of multiple vintage microphones at a fraction of the cost of real-world hardware.

The Discrete 4 offers four Class-A preamps that provide console-grade sound. All of them utilize combination XLR-1/4" connections, but two of them are specifically designed to switch between mic level, line level, and Hi-Z sources. Monitor outputs and two pairs of line outputs can be found on the back of the unit, as can thunderbolt and USB ports for connecting to computers.

S/PDIF and ADAT are both provided over optical I/O. The unit is expandable over ADAT, giving you up to eight extra channels. This is Antelope, so you'll find their top-notch 64-bit acoustically focused clocking on the unit, and you can sync the Discrete 4 over BNC connections, or distribute clocking to other units.

36 Synergy Core FX Included

The Discrete 4 Synergy Core includes a compelling library of 36 real-time studio effects, meticulously modeled after real-world hardware. Latency is painlessly low thanks to FPGA's parallel computing capabilities, DSP processing, and fast Thunderbolt connectivity. The library can be expanded to include any effects you choose from the web store. Effects include:


  • Gyraf Gyratec IX / Tube Mic Preamp
  • VCA160 / Compressor
  • Stay-Levin / Compressor
  • FET-A76 / FET Compressor
  • VEQ-1A / Tube EQ
  • VMEQ-5 / Tube EQ
  • X903 / Compressor / Limiter
  • FeedForward Antelope Compressor / Compressor
  • Clear Q / Parametric EQ
  • Power EX / Expander
  • VEQ-HLF / Passive High/Low Filter
  • Auraverb / Reverb
  • BA-31 / Mic Preamp
  • Power Gate / Gate
  • Plexi 59 (UK) / Tube Guitar Amp
  • Bass SuperTube VR / Tube Guitar Amp
  • Darkface 65 (US) / Tube Guitar Amp
  • Top30 (UK) Bright / Tube Guitar Amp
  • Tweed Deluxe (US) / Tube Guitar Amp
  • Overange 120 (UK) / Tube Guitar Amp
  • BurnSphere (DE) Lead / Tube Guitar Amp
  • Marcus II (US) Lead / Tube Guitar Amp
  • Modern (US) CH3 / Tube Guitar Amp
  • Rock 75 (UK) / Tube Guitar Amp
  • Rock 22.10 (UK) / Tube Guitar Amp
  • Darkface 65 2x12 / Guitar Cabinet
  • Top30 2x12 / Guitar Cabinet
  • Modern 4x12 / Guitar Cabinet
  • Green 2x12 / Guitar Cabinet
  • Vintage 4x12 / Guitar Cabinet
  • Green 4x12 / Guitar Cabinet
  • Caliper 50 1x10 / Guitar Cabinet
  • Bluelux 1x12 / Guitar Cabinet
  • Clst 1x12 / Guitar Cabinet
  • England 4x12 / Guitar Cabinet
  • Bass Tube 1x15 / Guitar Cabinet
Key Features
  • Mic, Instrument & Line Inputs
  • Onboard DSP & FGPA Processing
  • 4 x Console-Grade Class A Preamps
  • 36 Included Real-Time Audio FX
  • Thunderbolt & USB Connectivity
  • S/PDIF I/O & ADAT Expansion
  • 64-Bit Acoustically Focused Clocking
  • 2 x Monitor Outputs
  • 4 x Stereo Headphone Outputs
  • 2 x Line Output Pairs

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