ART PB 4x4 PRO USB Rackmount 9 Outlet Power Conditioner and Surge Protector


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No matter the size and shape of your recording or live rig, it’s a sure bet that it includes a lot of electronic gear. Expensive electronic gear. That’s why you need a quality power conditioner like the ART PB 4×4 PRO USB. This indispensable unit sports eight rear-panel AC outlets, four of which boast wall-wart spacing for maximum flexibility. You also get one unswitched front-panel outlet, plus two USB ports for your tablet, phone, or other USB-powered devices. ART’s Advanced Power Filtering minimizes unwanted noise, while — most importantly — a fast-acting overload protection circuit safeguards your delicate electronic equipment against power spikes and surges. The ART PB 4×4 PRO USB has a power capacity of up to 1800W.

The PB 4×4 PRO USB employs ART’s Advanced Power Filtering (APF). This powerful technology utilizes both common mode and differential mode topologies in series, which minimizes unwanted noise between the AC line and ground, along with both sides of the AC line. The PB 4×4 PRO USB purifies the electrical current that reaches your gear, eliminating noise above 10kHz, while attenuating noise above 100kHz by over 40dB. Ground loop problems are also diminished. At Sweetwater, we recommend that everybody use a power conditioner like the ART PB 4×4 PRO USB — not only do they protect your gear against power surges, they also make it sound better.

  • 8 rear-panel AC outlets and 1 front-mounted unswitched outlet
  • 4 rear outlets feature power-adapter-friendly positioning to accommodate wall warts
  • 2 front-panel USB charging ports for your smartphones, tablets, and other devices
  • Advanced Power Filtering (APF) minimizes unwanted noise
  • Fast-acting overload protection circuit safeguards against power spikes and surges
  • Rear-mounted gooseneck light source illuminates the connections behind your rack
  • Power capacity of up to 1800W

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