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Rolling your own shows and events just got tons (literally) easier with Sweetwater's exclusive Bose F1 bundle. This 4-piece powerhouse includes a pair of F1 Model 812 mains, each with a 12" driver and 8-speaker mini arrays to direct sound to every ear in the house, plus a pair of matching F1 powered subs to round out the mix with punchy, powerful kick drums and earth-moving bass. the Bose F1 bundle packs a mighty 4,000 watts (Bose watts, mind you) to really fill a room

System Package (2019):

  1. 4 x F1 812 Top Speakers
  2. 4 x F1 Subwoofers 
  3. 8 x Canvas for the Speakers + Subwoofers 

Available anytime. Deliver to your door step. 

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