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The Type 10S is a two-channel version of the Type 10 direct box, delivering industry-leading technical performance with new features to meet the unique needs of stereo and two-channel users.

The Type 10S achieves the highest SNR, lowest phase deviation, and lowest distortion of any DI. Some boxes achieve low distortion over a narrow range of frequencies and levels, but end up coloring the low frequencies and distorting loud signals. The Type 10S maintains exceptionally low THD and IMD across the entire audio band, and for a wide range of input voltages, rendering your sound with extremely high fidelity.

We understand that conditions on the road are not always ideal—noisy electrical systems, mix boards positioned across a stadium with low input impedance and low or no phantom power for your box. The Type 10S has rock solid isolation and is designed to drive any board across hundreds of feet of cable whether or not you have phantom power. That means that whatever environment you’re in, your sound will be consistently great.

  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 50 kHz (+/- 1 dB)
  • Deviation from Linear Phase: +2° (30 Hz), 0° (100 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Noise (shorted input, BW = 22 Hz – 20 kHz): 1.8 μVrms (-115 dBVrms) Distortion (1 Vpp in, RL = 1.2 kΩ through 200’ of XLR cable):
  • THD: < 0.001% at 1 kHz, < 0.005% from 30 Hz to 20 kHzIMD: < 0.005% (10 kHz/60 Hz, 4:1)
  • Power Options: 48 V Phantom (1.5 mA)9V Battery (4.8 mA, 130 hrs. on a typical alkaline)
  • Input Protection:220 Vrms and 20,000 V static discharges
  • Transformer Isolation Voltage:500 V from instrument ground to XLR output pin 1
  • Padding Settings:0 dB-15 dB-30 dB
  • RF Filtering:1.5 MHz (input), 60 kHz (output) low-pass filters
  • Maximim Input Level (1% THD):6 Vpp (0 dB pad)33 Vpp (-15 dB pad)190 Vpp (-30 dB pad)(Equal to 1,100 Watts into 4 Ohms
  • Input Resistance: 10 MΩ (0 dB pad), 10 kΩ (-15, -30 dB pad)
  • Input Capacitance: 240 pF (equal to 3 ft of low-capacitance guitar cable)
  • Output Polarity: Pin 2 positive
  • Dimensions:(45 x 77 x 152 mm)
  • Weight: (.59 kg)

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