DPA DAD6010 MicroDot to TA4F Adapter



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Sporting a MicroDot to TA-4F Switchcraft adapter, the DPA DAD6010 adapter allows you to use your d:fine, d:screet, or d:vote miniature microphone with a Shure wireless system with no loss or change in sound quality. The DAD6010 empowers you - you'll no longer be restricted to one wireless system. Let the live sound experts at Sweetwater show you how to employ this ingenious adapter system and avoid the cost of a new microphone. The DPA DAD6010 adapter is flexible, simple, and cost-effective!

  • DPA MicroDot to TA-4F Switchcraft adapter
  • Adds flexibility to your wireless system with no loss or change in sound quality
  • Compatible with Shure U1/UR1/UT1/SC1/SLX1/ULX1/PGX1, TOA WM-4300, and Line 6 XD-V70L

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