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Clear, clean-releasing Drumdots give you full control over the decay and ring of your snare, toms, cymbals, and percussion without sacrificing tone. So whether you're in the studio and need a touch of snare control (a common use-case) or onstage and need a truckload of tom tightening, reusable Drumdot dampeners will get you there, quick. The secret is a proprietary V-Tem polymer designed and manufactured by Drumdots. This polymer holds securely to drumheads and cymbal bronze without choking vibrations, allowing instruments to speak freely while damping unwanted over-ring and decay. Get that studio-ready drum sound in a hurry with Drumdots Originals.

  • Fattens snares, tightens up toms, and controls cymbals and cowbells
  • Created from a proprietary V-Tem polymer
  • Great for controlling over-ring in the studio and shortening decay onstage
  • Clear and clean releasing
  • Reusable — washes with soapy water
  • Holds fast to coated or clear heads
  • Works on batter and resonant sides

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