eMotion LV1 Live Mixer – 16 Stereo Channels (License Only)


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Bring pristine, industry-acclaimed sound quality to any show, venue, or streaming event. With 16 stereo channels of unbeatable audio, full Waves plugin integration, and a customizable design to accommodate your personal workflow,eMotion LV1 addresses any live sound challenge.

Seamless integration with Waves’ 200+ plugins brings the award-winning signal processors used in studios around the world to live sound—for unlimited creative possibilities, and precision control.

  • 32-bit, double-precision audio engine for headroom and clarity
  • Run eight SoundGrid-compatible plugins directly on each channel
  • 16 stereo/mono input channels, 8 matrixes, 10 bus/returns, 8 auxes
  • 16 DCA faders, 8 mute groups, 16 user-assignable shortcut keys
  • Live-optimized Waves eMo plugins provide channel strip processing
  • Create custom layers for super-quick, personalized workflow
  • NEW: Control plugins remotely with the included MixMirror iPad app
  • Remote control with the included MyFOH iOS/Android app
  • Personal monitor mixing with the included MyMon iOS/Android app
  • DCA spill allows populating layers with DCA-linked channels

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