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The In-Ear Stick from Fischer Amps is a portable front-end headphone amplifier designed to be used on stage with either a balanced mono or an unbalanced stereo signal. It receives signal via its Neutrik combination XLR / 1/4" terminal, boasts an aluminum housing, and is comparatively lightweight at 4.2 oz. It features Burr Brown op-amps to ensure a dependable performance with minimal distortion and a flat frequency response, as well as a built-in electronic limiter in the input section to preserve your hearing. This unit is powered by two AAA batteries, lasting on average longer than 10 hours per set of batteries.

Pro audio in-ear headphone amp en miniature for use on stage and in the studio

  • Switchable configuration either for balanced mono signals or unbalanced stereo signals
  • Input signal via NEUTRIK combo XLR/jack connector
  • Sturdy casing of aluminum profile with an inner frame and belt clip of spring steel
  • State-of-the-art electronic design with BURR BROWN active SMD audio components
  • Linear frequency response, 2x 100mW output power with minimum distortion, output impedance 1.5 ohms
  • Electronic limiter design in the input section to save your ears and the in-ear earphones
  • Power supply with two AAA cells (alkaline batteries or NiMH rechargeable batteries)
  • More than 10 hours operation with one set of batteries

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