Focal Alpha 80 8" Powered Studio Monitor (pc)



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Focal is one of the most celebrated names in studio monitors, but for many project studios they’ve seemed out of reach. Not anymore! The Alpha 80 offers top-shelf Focal performance at a real-world price. This bi-amped powered studio monitor boasts many of Focal’s acclaimed innovations, such as a Polyglass cone woofer and inverted-dome tweeter. The result is a super-linear frequency response, laser-precise midrange definition, and deep, luxurious soundstage. The Alpha 80 offers a 35Hz to 22kHz frequency response, which is enough to tackle any project your studio takes on, and impressively low directivity. There’s plenty of customization onboard, thanks to low and high shelving controls, plus XLR and RCA inputs to accommodate pro- and consumer-level gear. You also get a Sensitivity switch to adapt to extra-quiet sound sources. An energy-saving auto-standby mode rounds out the Focal Alpha 80’s generous feature set.

Customizing the Focal Alpha 80 to your room is a breeze, thanks to its low and high shelving controls. Aimed at frequencies under 300Hz, the low shelving control enables you to tailor your monitoring system’s all-important low-end frequencies. If your room naturally attenuates bass, set the LF Shelving knob to +2dB. If your room is neutral, set it to 0. And if you’re placing the speaker near a wall, set it to -2dB, -4dB, or -6dB. Aimed at frequencies above 4.5kHz, the high shelving control enables you to adjust for a bright- or matte-sounding space. Set the HF Shelving knob to +2dB in a naturally soft environment, to 0 in a neutral space, and to -2dB or -3dB in a harsh-sounding room. The engineers here at Sweetwater appreciate the customizability of the Alpha 80 — you canypi use this studio monitor anywhere and achieve a top-shelf, neutral sound.

  • 100W/40W bi-amped powered studio monitor
  • Polyglass cone woofer yields a linear frequency response and laser-precise midrange definition
  • Focal’s acclaimed inverted-dome tweeter exhibits a detailed sound with a deep soundstage
  • 35Hz to 22kHz frequency response — enough to tackle your most ambitious projects
  • Low directivity maintains the same sound throughout your room
  • Low and high shelving controls make room customization a breeze
  • Constantly active XLR and RCA inputs accommodate pro- and consumer-level gear
  • Sensitivity switch adapts to extra-quiet sound sources
  • Auto-standby mode offers tremendous energy saving

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