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The m904 by Grace Design is a stand-alone, high fidelity stereo monitoring system designed for audio professionals in the music recording and audio-for-video sound markets. Built with the same attention to quality and sonic detail as our company's award winning microphone preamplifiers and model 901 headphone amp, the m904 truly represents a new standard in reference stereo monitoring capabilities and performance.


  • The base m904 system is comprised of a 2U, 19" rack mount enclosure that contains all I/O, processing, operating controls and internal, linear power supply. All operating features of the m904 can be operated from the front panel controls.
  • Two balanced and one unbalanced analog stereo inputs are provided as well as two AES3, one S/PDIF and one switchable ADAT/Optical digital inputs.
  • Ultra-low distortion stereo 24-bit D/A conversion is included as standard. Sample rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz are supported.
  • Sophisticated system calibration tools allow users to adjust input levels, inter-channel balance offsets and control room output levels through a range of +/- 10dB in .5dB increments.
  • A fixed level stereo DAC output allows direct connection to recording systems for audio transfers.
  • Word Clock input/thru provides external system reference clocking as well as the ability to pass external clock signals thru to other digital devices down stream of the m904.
  • The m904 DAC includes Grace Design's new s-Lock two stage PLL (Phase Lock Loop) circuitry for the ultimate in low jitter digital signal stability and sonic integrity.
  • Mono, dim and mute all controls are provided.
  • Stereo cue inputs/outputs allow cue feeds to be monitored in the control room as well as fed to the studio monitoring system.
  • Two reference headphone outputs are provided.
  • Control room and headphone level outputs are controlled via two stepped rotary encoders in .5dB steps. The range is 100dB.
  • A pair of large, blue 7-segment LED's are used to show control room and headphone output level values.
  • A balanced talkback microphone input is provided on the rear panel of the system mainframe. Users can operate the talkback function via a momentary-action switch on the remote control unit or by connecting a footswitch to the TRS jack on the rear of the mainframe unit. The mic preamp used is essentially a single channel from our model 801R.

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