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Part of the Joe Meek range of outboard gear, the SC2.2 was designed by famed British engineer Ted Fletcher. These Joe Meek units were built in small quantities but have a big reputation

The SC range is complex and comprises many versions, updates & revisions. The SC.2 is a late, lower-cost version of the SC range and the V4 is a late edition with the legendary “Dark Mode” which affects the release characteristic

The SC uses optical devices for gain reduction. Light Dependent Resistors (LDRs or Optos) have long been famed for their smooth response. Their drawback, when compared with FET or VCA compressors, is a relatively slow response, but the response time, and consequent smoothness, is a big part of their appeal

I went into my test session expecting drama & lots of colouration but found the SC2.2 to be a subtle, well-behaved unit with a very smooth sound. It took a bit of digging to see what it’s capable of. In contrast to a VCA compressor, where changing ratios gives a subtle, progressive change, the Joe meek slope control gives five very different approaches & sounds. In conjunction with the compression control, slope changes the sound massively

The SC2.2 tends towards the coloured & more characterful end of the spectrum and is capable of full-blown, pumping compression or dense, swampy glue on the mix bus. It has tons of character and is a great antidote to bland VCA one-trick compressors


Well taken care, no issue on the unit.

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