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Plenty of surface area for a full drum kit (black finish) — the Meinl drum rug measures 6.5' long x 5.25' wide to accommodate most drum kit or percussion setup arrangements with room left over for your throne so that everything is on the same surface
Made for drum set spurs and stands — we use a tightly woven fabric so your bass drum and pedal spurs have something to dig into and stay securely in place — this durable fabric also prevents drum and cymbal stands from sliding as you play
Rubber lined non-slip bottom — on the underside of this rug is a layer of thick rubber lining that eliminates rug slippage on any surface — this lining also prevents spurs from puncturing through the rug, eliminating potential damage to floors
Vital for drummers and percussionists — from a large double bass drum kit to a 4-piece jazz set to a percussion rig with congas, bongos and cajon, the Meinl drum rug is the ideal rug to put under your setup in any live, studio or practice setting

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