Quested V2108 Active 2-Way Monitor - 400W (Single pc)


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The V2108 Monitor from Quested is a 400W, two-way active speaker designed for near and mid-field applications. The system comprises a single 8" low frequency driver and a 1.1" high frequency driver, which combine to provide effortless and articulate full-range performance with sound pressure levels of 112 dB. The integrated 400W Class-A/B power amplifier features a floating drive stage that delivers 200W to each driver, while the on-board HF/LF trim controls allow you to tailor the sound to your room and integrate an optional sub-woofer. The V2108 ships with an IEC power cable.

  • Soft-dome high frequency technology offers low-fatigue performance
  • Class A/B power amplifier offers a current-driven floating drive stage
  • Custom 8" low frequency drive unit provides powerful dynamics and extension
  • Low and high frequency trim controls
  • 24 dB/oct crossover slope for optimum drive unit efficiency
  • High power delivery for cabinet footprint and size
  • Pinpoint imaging for music and 5.1 surround applications
  • Outperforms most 10"-based monitors

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