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The BL8 uses a high-definition condenser capsule and boasts a cardioid polar pattern to attenuate off-axis frequencies and maximize gain before feedback. Three switches can be found on the back to engage the highpass filter, turn on the pad, and imbue the signal with classic or modern character. Finally, the BL8 is compatible with Kelly Shu Flatz shockmount systems, which enable you to suspend the microphone inside a kick drum for extra low-end oomph.

If tonal versatility is crucial, then the BL8 will be your best friend. Sure, you can shape and sculpt your audio in post-production, but wouldn’t you rather do it at the source? Where other popular boundary microphone designs give you a simple 2-way contour switch to shape the sound, the sE Electronics BL8 differs. It has a 3-position character switch for classic tones, modern clarity, or pure and untouched sound quality. You can further refine the mic’s sound with a 3-way low-cut and switchable pad.

The BL8’s sleek silhouette does more than provide good looks. By designing the boundary microphone to be small, sE Electronics ensures that it can fit into any space. Whether inside a bass drum, in the corner of a studio, or on a cluttered conference room table, there’s always room for the BL8. Plus, this boundary microphone is compatible with Kelly Shu mounts, increasing its versatility exponentially.

  • Cardioid polar pattern focuses on the sound source
  • Condenser capsule supplies pristine sound pickup
  • Character switch imparts classic or modern sound quality to your signal
  • Switchable low-cut filter tames the low end when needed
  • Attenuation switch gives you two input pads
  • Low-profile design effortlessly fits into confined spaces
  • Compatible with Kelly Shu microphone mounts

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