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The SoundTools CAT Box is a stage box unit that allows you to run mic level, line level analog, AES3, DMX and/or com down a single Cat5e, Cat6, or Cat7 cable.

  • Modular stage/drop boxes for high-quality snakes
  • Compatible with analog, DMX, AES3 and intercom
  • 4 channels of balanced audio over Cat5
  • Available in male or female configurations

Perfect your stage snake system with the compact and durable SoundTools CAT Box. Minimize the number of cables required by running up to four channels of audio and data from XLR, DMX, or AES3 lines through a single shielded CAT line. Designed by sound humans to look great and function for a lifetime. The disconnectable CAT Box stage boxes can be daisy-chained and used in multiple configurations to build the perfect snake.

The SoundTools CAT Box isn’t your average stage drop box. We’ve designed it to be one of the most versatile audio-over-Cat units on the market. When combined with our SuperCAT or SuperCAT Sound cables, a snake built with CAT Boxes will cost approximately 15% what you’ll pay for an average audio snake using 4 XLR cables. Now you can run four isolated channels of clear audio or com down a single shielded Cat5e or better cable, and even increase the distance of your lines. We’ve successfully run balanced analog over 600 feet with our SuperCAT cable in our workshop.

Not all disconnects are created equally. Because of its design, the SoundTools CAT Box can be used in a multitude of applications.

  • Use for bi-directional audio and COM for small stage or presentation applications
  • Use as a low-cost hard-wire split
  • Daisy-chain units and drop each channel in a different location
  • Use as an XLR-to-Cat conversion box to lower cable costs
  • Utilize Cat5 wiring in building installations to quickly set up audio in conference rooms

Expected availability: 3-4 weeks (Taking reserve orders)

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