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The Original Remote End Cable Tester. Test cables and mic lines on the fly without bringing cable ends together with this two-piece field unit.

  • Compact and reliable
  • All-analog units housed in rugged aluminum that last a lifetime
  • Test for every possible problem in cables and snakes
  • Instant LED display shows whether it’s the line or the mic

Quickly troubleshoot faulty mic lines and cables with this set of remote end cable testers. This two-piece unit (Sniffer and Sender) allows you to test on the fly without bringing cable ends together. It’s a tool every audio engineer should have, whether in the studio or in live environments.

The XLR Sniffer/Sender instantly tests for every possible fault. The Sniffer has 3 LED lights that will light up in either green or red LEDs to show whether the line is good (all green) or has errors (all red or a combination of red and green). Every unit comes with a color code read out sticker to help you diagnose in seconds.
Fun tip: A lot of users have found the best place for sticking their LED sticker is on the Sniffer unit.


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