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PRO IS2 is a passive two-input and two-output isolated signal splitter without the need to install batteries or provide phantom power.

PRO IS2 has a pair of built-in UNiKA-PROTM EI9AE3R3 1.25:1 isolation transformer with special coating and surrounded by Oriental silicon steel shield which has a special copper foil layer and a dedicated ground layer, which allows this device to restore high signal/noise ratio and dynamic sound, and can avoid unnecessary Leakage caused by radio frequency interference, ground interference and potential difference. PRO IS2 is particularly suitable for recording studios, live performances and fixed installation projects.

PRO IS2’s input uses Combi sockets, suitable for both balance XLR and TRS plugs. The CH-1/CH-2 output channels each have independent UNiKAPROTM isolation transformer and independante GND/LIFT switch for easy connection to remote or different power sources at the end of the equipment to eliminate the leakage and noise caused by the potential difference and the ground loop.

PRO IS2’s CH-1/CH-2 are each equipped with independent EI9AE3R3 professional audio isolation transformer, which is a transformer that works in the audio range, also known as a low-frequency transformer. The frequency range is generally from 20 to 20000 Hz. It is mainly used for audio transmission between systems or devices. It can completely isolate the potential difference between two systems, avoid hum interference caused by ground loop problems, and prevent excessive potential difference from damaging the input level of the device. The safe transmission of signals is an essential product for long-distance transmission of analog audio systems.

However, since it does not have an input amplifier circuit and attenuator, it can only transmit balanced signals through an isolation transformer or convert unbalanced signals into balanced signals for transmission, and does not have the function of increasing the level. If the input signal is of a high-impedance type, such as musical instruments or some players, it is recommended to use other DIs with input attenuators in the PRO series to transmit signals. These DIs also have built-in EI9AE3R3 professional audio isolation transformer.

The CH-2 is attached with an invert button. If your wire’s hot pin is pin-3, you can press this button to switch the hot pin to pin-2.

Each output has an independent GND/LIFT button to ground or float pin-1 of the output to eliminate noise or leakage in the event of ground noise or inadvertent ground loops.
  • One input & three output audio splitter
  • CH-1/CH-2 are equipped with separate UNiKA-PROTM EI9AE3R3 1.25:1 isolation transformer
  • Use XLR jack for input
  • Set the PHASE REVERSE button for CH-2 input
  • The output is equipped with independent GND/LIFT switches

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