Warm Audio WA-MPX 1-channel Tube Mic/Line/Instrument Preamp


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From the rock pioneers of the ’50s and ‘60s to today’s sound-savvy artists, the legendary “351” has been the secret sauce in the signal chain that delivers the vintage-flavored warmth and color we all seek in our own recordings. The Warm Audio WA-MPX 1-channel tube mic/line/instrument preamp incorporates an original-spec circuit design, authentically reproducing the coveted analog sonics of the original. Handwired and hand assembled using only premium, all-discrete components, including custom-wound, original-spec large-core CineMag USA transformers, the WA-MPX serves up instant “sounds-like-a-record” punch for tracks that blast right out of the speakers. But there’s so much more to this amazing preamp that makes it indispensable to modern hybrid studio workflows.

While staying true to the original circuit design, Warm Audio added all the modern amenities that make the WA-MPX impressively versatile in the studio. Used in conjunction with the preamp gain and output level controls, the tape saturation switch makes it easy to tweak your gain structure from wide-open and crystalline to sizzling hot. The addition of Warm Audio’s classic tone switch lets you modify microphone input transformer impedance for mic optimization or extra analog color. Also onboard are a great-sounding instrument DI input, handy highpass and lowpass filters, polarity reverse, and of course, 48V phantom power. The WA-MPX employs three premium vacuum tubes: two 12AX7s and one 12AU7. In a stroke of engineering genius, Warm Audio included a high-gain switch that engages the third tube, boosting the available gain from 70dB to a staggering 90dB. Now you can finally deploy your favorite, notoriously low-gain passive ribbon mic on whisper-quiet sources!

  • Authentic reproduction of the coveted “351” tape machine tube preamp
  • Fully discrete, handwired and handbuilt construction with 90dB of clean analog tube gain
  • Selectable Tape saturation adds harmonic distortion and natural compression for authentic analog grit
  • Custom-wound, large-core CineMag USA transformers
  • Tone switch modifies mic input transformer impedance for mic optimization or extra analog color
  • 600Ω output attenuator
  • Vacuum tube complement: premium 12AX7 (x 2), 12AU7 (x 1)
  • Preamp Gain: 70dB, 90dB with High Gain engaged
  • High Gain control engages third tube in the circuit, adding 20dB of clean gain for low-output mics and quiet sources
  • 48V phantom power; polarity switch
  • 80Hz highpass filter controls unruly low frequencies
  • 2kHz lowpass filter focuses power and warmth on mids for added punch
  • Inputs: XLR Mic, TRS Line, TS Instrument
  • Outputs: line-level XLR and TRS
  • VU Meter Level Indication
  • Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz
  • Each unit hand inspected and tested at Warm Audio HQ in Austin, Texas
  • Available as a 2-channel unit, the WA-2MPX

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