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Rackmountable, Easy to Use, and It Sounds Awesome!

The Yamaha TF-Rack rackmount digital mixer is so easy to use, it's downright inspiring! Respond to the music onstage with effortless speed and freedom, by virtue of the TF-Rack's fluid TouchFlow Operation. For experienced engineers and novices alike, the TF-Rack's level of refinement is nothing short of astonishing, which makes achieving a great mix a piece of cake. And after listening to the TF-Rack's great-sounding D-Pre mic preamps, we think you'll agree that this comfortable, smooth-operating rackmount digital mixer doesn't skimp on sound quality either. Thanks to its straightforward touchscreen design and practical presets and scenes, the Yamaha TF-Rack is a truly evolved rackmount digital mixer.

Versatile connectivity makes for an infinitely useful console

The Yamaha TF-Rack is packed with 16 XLR/TRS combo inputs, 16 line outputs, and USB connectivity for PC multichannel playback and recording. Load an NY64-D digital interface card (sold separately) into the TF-Rack's expansion slot and add up to three Tio1608-D I/O racks (also sold separately) via Dante for a total of 64 inputs and 40 outputs.

Powerful apps that work seamlessly with your console

A trio of dedicated apps makes offline editing, wireless mixing, and personal monitor mixing a breeze. Utilizing a Mac or PC, TF Editor provides complete offline editing and setup of the Yamaha TF-Rack. You can also use TF Editor when your mixer is online. Your multi-touch screen-equipped PC can use the same gestures as the console itself, and it can also function as a remote mixing device via Wi-Fi. Load TF StageMix on your iPad to mix from anywhere. Work from the audience position, in front of floor monitors, or onstage to ensure that every inch of the venue sounds great. TF MonitorMix works with your iOS device, allowing up to 10 musicians to create their own personal monitor mix.

Yamaha TF-Rack Rackmount Digital Mixer Features:

  • TouchFlow Operation maximizes workflow efficiency
  • 1-knob compression and EQ dial in your ideal sound
  • GainFinder supports precision gain setup
  • Dan Dugan automatic mixing system easily optimizes microphone gain and fights feedback
  • QuickPro presets provide instant access to pro sound setups
  • 2 scene memory banks set up and instantly recall your settings
  • 16 D-Pre mic preamps deliver phenomenal sound
  • Onboard effects based on Yamaha's SPX processor
  • TF Editor Mac/PC application offers offline editing and online control
  • TF StageMix iPad application provides wireless control
  • TF MonitorMix iOS application allows for wireless personal monitoring
  • Expansion slot for optional NY64-D card (expands up to 64 inputs and 40 outputs)

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